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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy is primary concern of ours. When you use, we not only take your comments, concerns and questions seriously, we protect your privacy at all times. This policy (Privacy Policy) sets out our privacy practices regarding the data we collect via and data generated by our partner sites. This policy provides full disclosure and should be used as a tool for deciding how you interact with our website(s) and understanding your rights as a consumer. 

    How Best Installment Loans Collects Personal Data

    Information You Provide

    We may gather information about you, including any personal data you provide to us voluntarily. For example, when you register for a newsletter, you may give us your name, address, date of birth and contact details. 

    You may also provide us with personal information and contact details when you choose to register an account and comment on our articles. Additionally, you may provide private information when you take part in discussions via mediums such as our forum. 

    When you provide any information via comments, inside the forum or any other section of the site that’s visible to the public, you’re at risk. Although we take care to protect any data given to us in confidence, information posted on public sections of will be accessible to all visitors. 

    Information We Automatically Collect When You Visit Best Installment Loans

    When you visit our website, our third-party partners and vendors, we/they may automatically collect certain pieces of information about you. This information will be gathered and collated by existing web tools, including cookies, web beacons and other forms of recognized online tracking technology. The information collected pertains to your activity on our website or the websites of our partners. 

    The data gathered may include:

    • Your IP address
    • Your browser and system settings
    • Unique device indicators
    • Your operating system
    • The device you’re using
    • Clickstream data (the pages you clickthrough on our site)

    Best Installment Loans and our third-party partners may use any or all of this automatically gathered data. Additionally, we may share and combine data with our partners and vice versa. Finally, we may combine information provided voluntarily with data we collect automatically. 


    When you visit, cookies are active. Cookies are computer files that track and store information on your computer. This information allows us to track certain activities performed via your device. To learn more about cookies, visit

    Our website may contain all forms of cookies, including HTML5, Flash and HTTP. You have the right to restrict cookies and disable them on your computer. If you choose to do this, you should be aware that it may affect certain features on the website that use cookies to provide optimal functionality. 

    Web Beacons

    To assist our automatic collection of data, we may place tabs on webpages and/or emails. These tags are known as web beacons and are small files that connect webpages to certain webservers and their associated cookies. Between web beacons and cookies, we’re able to track various forms of activity, including how many visitors we receive each month, how users interact with the website, the volume of emails that are opened and the links visitors use. 

    In tandem with any web beacons we may attach to pages on our site/emails, we may use third-party services such as Google Analytics. Data pulled from external sources is designed to provide more information about visitor data, usage statistics and web browsing behavior. 

    Do Not Track Signals

    As a consumer, you have the right to modify the way tracking signals are handled. There is currently no consensus with regards to the definition of “do no track”. However, you can turn on the “do not track signals” setting via your browser and our website will automatically accept to this request. 

    Third-Party Services

    Any plug-ins, tools and widgets from third parties listed on this site may automatically collect certain pieces of data. For example, if you click on a Facebook like button, this may automatically collect information about your online activity. This information and the collection of it falls under the purview of the third party’s own privacy policy. 

    For more information on cookies and other tracking technologies that may be active on this site, please read our full Cookies Disclosure. 

    How Data Collected May be Used 

    The information we collect, both voluntarily and automatically, may be used in a variety of ways. For example, if you request some information and provide a point of contact, we may use that to respond. 

    For more on how we may use data we collect, see the list below:

    • To provide requested products and services (e.g. newsletters).
    • To provide responses to questions, comments and other types of support.
    • To make suggests on services you may be interested in on our site and to offer you new products and/or services.
    • To communicate with you about new offers and promotions as well as manage your participation in said offers and promotions. 
    • To provide advertising content based on your activity both on our website and partner websites. 
    • To improve operations such as user experience and marketing strategies. 
    • To carry out data analytics and evaluate how people are using our website through trend analysis, customer research and anonymization. 
    • To protect against fraud, identity theft, false claims and other crimes and liabilities. 
    • To comply with any relevant legal requirements, such as requests for information from law enforcement agencies. 

    How Data Collected May Be Shared

    As well as using data for our own business purposes, partners, agents, consultants and other service providers may have authorization to use information we collect. This data is subject to confidentiality agreements and may not be used for any purposes other than those expressly requested. 

    Additionally, we may share your data for the following reasons:

    • To affiliates for internal business purposes. 
    • To third parties for marketing reasons, including social media platforms. We may match your email address provided with those already shared on social media sites to deliver personalized offers and content. 
    • If compelled by law or regulations, we may share your data with the necessary agencies. 
    • If requested by law enforcement agencies or we believe it is necessary to prevent a crime. 
    • We may share analytics data with advertisers about our userbase. 
    • Data may be shared in whole or part if we sell the business, a portion of it or any assets. Where possible, we will provide due notice if this is to happen. 
    • We may share data with your express consent or at your discretion.