Advance America Installment Loan Reviews

Advance America has been in business since 1997. It is a fully accredited financial services company that complies strictly with all federal and state regulations. This company has more than 1500 locations across the country and offers its services online as well. Advance America encourages interaction and has a strong social media presence.

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    Why Get An Installment Loan From Advance America?

    Advance America offers several loan types. One of the most popular loans on offer is installment loans.

    Below are a few reasons to consider getting a loan from this provider:

    • This company has more than two decades of experience in the industry. In this time, it has proved itself to be trustworthy, reliable, and secure
    • It’s easy to access its services, whether online or at a physical branch, as there are multiple locations nationwide
    • Applying for a loan is straightforward
    • Longer-term repayment options
    • An approved loan could be paid out on the same day as your application

    Eligibility Criteria

    To qualify for a loan, Advance America does certain checks. One of these checks includes a third party credit score check.

    Borrowers need to have a government-issued ID and social security number of qualifying.

    They also need to provide proof of income, a valid email address, and the details of their active checking account.

    These are the general eligibility criteria and may vary by state. 

    Advance America Pros And Cons

    When taking out a loan, it is best to peruse through several options before making a final decision. Each enterprise has a list of advantages and disadvantages.

    Some of the advantages associated with Advance America are listed here.


    • The company has experience in the industry
    • Funds are deposited swiftly
    • It is easy to gain access to this company physically or online
    • Secure and trustworthy


    • High-interest rate
    • Loans not available in every state

    How To Apply For Advance America Installment Loan?

    The site requests your zip code, and you need to choose what type of loan you are interested in obtaining.

    After choosing an installment loan, choose the tab that says apply now. You will then need to fill in your information on a form.

    Once completed, it will take a few minutes to see if you have been approved. If so, you may get the money that very same day.

    Rates, Terms, And Fees

    Although this provider is a direct lender, its site does not explicitly reveal the rates and fees that it charges customers.

    The loan terms also vary from one state to another. 

    Bottom Line

    While Advance America has an advantage over some competitors by having physical locations, there are some issues for would-be borrowers.

    It lacks pertinent information on fees and costs associated with each respective loan.

    It is also heavily state-based and requires this information first before offering any products.

    There is no information on what minimum credit scores it will lend against.

    This lack of transparency should be an issue for potential clients. Where finance is concerned, borrowers like to know what they are in for upfront, before making any loan applications.

    As alternatives, Upgrade Loans and Prosper give complete clarity on their rates.