NetCredit Installment Loans Review

NetCredit is a Chicago-based financial services provider with a particular focus on online operations. The company is a subsidiary of an NYSE listed company called Enova International Incorporated and a partner of the Republic Bank and Trust Company.

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    Though based in Chicago, NetCredit doesn't only service that location.

    Founded in 2012, the company has nearly a decade of experience and has a host of subsidiaries ranging through various states. 

    NetCredit has a particular focus on personal loans of various kinds. In fact, excluding direct lines of credit, the website lists 14 types of personal loans.

    The company even offers loans specifically for individuals with a low credit rating.

    Why Get an Installment Loan from NetCredit? 

    For a finance company to survive eight years in a relatively crowded market, it must offer something of value.

    With NetCredit, one of the company's most valuable attributes is its ease of use. The entire process for signing up for a loan is swiftly processed online.

    If complications arise, the company has a host of experts to advise you. It’ll customize a loan agreement specifically to suit your circumstances when necessary.

    These are some of the reasons why you might want to consider this company:

    • NetCredit services are available in most of the United States
    • NetCredit offers financial advising if it is needed
    • 'Bad credit' loans for individuals with low credit ratings
    • Efficient and straightforward online sign-up process
    • Easy to use, and loans can be easily adapted when necessary
    • As you repay your loan, NetCredit will advise you and help you to rebuild your credit score

    What Does NetCredit Offer?

    NetCredit is an online lender. It offers loans of various kinds, for anything from debt consolidation to auto repair and private loans.

    Many people use NetCredit Installment loans to help consolidate their debts into a single monthly payment, or because they have low credit ratings.

    Eligibility Criteria 

    Since NetCredit tailors their loans to each person's individual needs, there aren't many criteria to meet.

    NetCredit offers no credit check loans, installment loans for bad credit, and direct lines of credit.

    Whatever your situation may be, the chances are that NetCredit's team of experts will be willing to set up a loan for you.

    As part of the registration process, NetCredit will ask a series of questions to assess your situation and handle your case accordingly.

    The only real eligibility requirement for taking a loan with NetCredit is that you must be a citizen of the United States.

    Some of the reasons to go with or without NetCredit:


    • Easy-to-use application form
    • Customized loans for every individual
    • Loan options for clients with a low credit rating


    • Rates on some loans may be as high as 99% APR
    • The individualized loan concept means that you can't see APR rates at a glance

    How to Apply for a NetCredit Installment Loan? 

    You can complete the application process on the NetCredit website.

    Navigate to the website and select your chosen loan option. You'll find the different types of available loans in the resources tab on the menu.

    Once you've selected, click on the 'check your eligibility' button, and complete the online form.

    NetCredit will then review your application, and a representative will help you to create your personalized loan if you’re approved.

    Rates, Terms, and Fees

    Unfortunately, due to NetCredit's personalized loan approach, standard rates aren’t available. Prices also vary by state. 

    However, in most states, a late fee of $25 is applicable if you fail to make a scheduled payment within a 15-day window of the scheduled payment date.

    The terms also vary on a case-to-case and state-by-state basis.

    Bottom Line

    NetCredit offers a wide variety of individual loans but lacks variety compared to competitors.

    Lenders like SoFi offer many more financial services.

    Prosper, another alternative, also offers individualized loan services, with the advantage of investment options.