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Over 100 years of experience in the field are applied to each customer’s needs, working towards matching them to the best deal possible and tailoring it to their individual situation. OneMain Financial is a lender with over 1,600 branches nationwide that is not constrained by credit scores when determining a customer’s eligibility for a loan

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    OneMain Financial Installment Loans Review

    OneMain Financial is a lender with over 1,600 branches nationwide that is not constrained by credit scores when determining a customer’s eligibility for a loan. Other factors considered in the process include financial history, available collateral and the size of the loan. Over 100 years of experience in the field are applied to each customer’s needs, working towards matching them to the best deal possible and tailoring it to their individual situation. One Main reviews highlight out compassion, professionalism, same-day payments and fixed rates as being a few of the winning qualities to expect from the lender.

    Their specialty is an alternative to credit cards: OneMain Financial installment loans, also known as personal loans, are basically considered emergency helplines for people with expenses. They average to poor credit scores, and these loans can also be used for anything from mortgages and auto loans to weddings. Eligible customers can enjoy fast service and fixed financial terms that don’t fluctuate like they do with credit cards. That is the main benefit of closed-end credit compared to open-end credit. There are, however, disadvantages to OneMain Financial installment loans, including fees, penalties, and high interest rates. Nevertheless, it can be an invaluable option, which simply requires careful management to arrange and pay off. OneMain Financial Reviews are here to help you decide what's best for you on your financial lending journey.

    Why get an Installment Loan from OneMain Financial?

    No loan comes without its downsides, but with OneMain Financial you get exactly what you signed up for. Depending on the circumstances of each customer, the lender is upfront about how these needs can be satisfied, as well as what they will cost. Despite these added expenses, something all OneMain Financial reviews can agree on is that it provides a highly appreciated service. The slightest mistake or mishap can cause your credit score to drop, preventing you from accessing financial support for key life goals, like buying a house or car for your family. While high-end lenders will automatically reject applications accompanied by credit scores of less than 660, for OneMain Financial, bad credit is practically irrelevant to their decision-making process. Another silver lining to signing up with OneMain Financial is the potential of boosting that vital credit score by making repayments on time.

    What does OneMain Financial offer?

    Google searching onemainfinancial will highlight different features and, expanding on the key OneMain Financial services available to approved customers, the range of purposes the company’s loans encapsulate definitely stands out. Variety of choice marks the best installment loans, which in this case also includes the option of joint, secured, and unsecured applications. There are complications, however, when it comes to dealing with student loans, taxes or other complex financial needs. Advice about these areas is on offer at OneMain Financial if broader research fails to give you answers.

    Another important service is the provision of fixed One Main interest rates and payments; carefully planned out for maximum convenience and resolution of your particular goals. All terms between you and OneMain Financial are fine-tuned from the start and stay unchanged, regardless of the outstanding balance or underlying index. The final fact that there's no such thing as a OneMain Financial bad credit score, gives people a sense of hope for their future.

    Eligibility Criteria

    There are no minimum requirements in terms of credit score, history, or annual income, but certain other factors are checked before a OneMain Financial installment loan is approved. The main criteria involve proof of at least the existence of an income, creditworthiness, and the availability of collateral for a secured loan. If you already check all these boxes, the qualification part of the process can be over and done with in no time. All you have to do is provide some personal and financial details. Then sit back and wait for the verdict. This is normally a matter of a few hours, but more complex situations may take longer or demand additional steps.

    Cons & Pros


    • No minimum credit score
    • Fixed payments and interest rates
    • Joint applications
    • Secured loan option - if your unsecured application is rejected
    • A chance to improve your credit score


    • Penalties and origination fee
    • High interest rates
    • Complicated handling of special situations
    • Need for constant supervision

    How to apply for a OneMain Financial Installment Loan?

    As already mentioned, the first step of the application process is to submit a loan request along with relevant personal information. Being prequalified speeds up this process, and increases your chances for a positive response, which will arrive as either a secured or unsecured offer. The next step involves talking to a representative at a local branch or through OneMain Financial online services to discuss the application in further detail and verify all the provided information and documentation. Once the application has been completed and reviewed in full, nothing is left for you to do except sign and instantly receive your promised funds. Just like any banking process, expect hitches along the way, so many OneMain Financial reviews advise focus and patience.

    Rates, Terms, and Fees

    The rules and figures establish a lender’s value for money. OneMain Financial’s installment loan calculations reflect the financial situations and goals it handles. The rate ultimately quoted is a result of several factors, like degree of creditworthiness, the amount requested, and the length of time you need to pay it off, which can be 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. Considering the size of the loan can start at $1,500 and reach $20,000 with an APR range anywhere between 18.00% and 35.99%, the final cost per month, if not overall, can be overwhelming.

    Based on payment calculators among OneMain Financial reviews, a $6,000 loan for a credit score of 629 maximum and a 24-month loan term, would demand payments of £327, and an estimated APR of 27.2%, amounting to an interest of $1,848. And then there are the fees, taken from monthly payments, that reduce the total amount received but don’t free you from repaying the whole loan applied for. An example is given in the case of a $10,000 loan and a 3.5% origination fee. In truth, you would get $9,650 and be expected to pay back the original sum. OneMain Financial rates aren’t the most appealing on the market, but careful calculation and planning can produce a manageable loan size.  

    Bottom Line

    Unless already financially sound, any future plans you have may need a loan to be realized. This can become harder still with a low credit score, which is where OneMain Financial installment loans come in handy. Taking online main loan reviews into account; despite its merits as a service, extensive research and planning are advised before approaching this, or any lender, to avoid unpleasant surprises.